Pointer SA Telematics

Introducing Pointer SA (Pty) Ltd. A global leader in fleet telematics and mobile resource management.

Pointer Driver Feedback

The Cellocator Driver Feedback Display is an accessory that provides in-cab alerts and coaching for improved driving behaviour. The device alerts the driver to harsh braking, speeding, and harsh acceleration, at the same time as suggesting a course correction. To learn more check out this video on the DFD.

Cello-IQ Crash Detection System

See our new Cello-IQ crash detection system: it recognizes 8 different impact zones. The system starts in a crash situation and broadcasts data in real time. In addition, the system offers programmable emergency distress signal, with the location information.

CelloTrack Nano Solution

The CelloTrack Nano portable hub and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) connect statuses from your business, home, vehicle, assets, cargo and sensitive goods with the cloud and from the cloud to a web-application, smart phone or tablet. Check out the CelloTrack Nano video to learn more about this solution.